Main (Cascavel): ALWAYS ONLINE

Server 1 (Gear): Online

Server 2 (Amora): Offline

Server 3 (MC): Online

Server 4 (C4): Offline

Server 5 (C7): Online

Server 6 (Spooler): Online

Sin The Way is the fate of men, The treasure of the saint, And the refuge of the sinner. Fine words are often borrowed, And great deeds are often appropriated; Therefore, when a man falls, do not abandon him, And when a man gains power, do not honour him; Only remain impartial and show him the Way. Why should someone appreciate the Way? The ancients said, "By it, those who seek may easily find, And those who regret may easily absolve" So it is the most precious gift. -- Lao Tse, "Tao Te Ching"